Wal and Hans Zoontjens, Riel - North Brabant, Netherlands.
Stand for more than 38 years on top of the Dutch racing pigeon sport.

In the history of the Dutch racing pigeon sport there are only a few pigeon fanciers we can entitle as owners of a home-grown pigeon strain. A pigeon strain which shows a specific characteristic or has an excessively ability for a fixed distance. And moreover also being on the absolute top on the racing pigeon sport for so many years.

Such a home-grown pigeons strain with specific characteristics and a excessively ability for a fixed distance is the one of Wal and Hans Zoontjens living in Riel, a small village to the south of the city Tilburg in North Brabant, Netherlands. The founder of this world-wide famous pigeon strain was the late Jan Zoontjens, father of Wal Zoontjens. In the years before the Second World War he created the base of this pigeon strain which became and also stayed one of the best of the Dutch racing pigeon sport during the last 50 years.
Nowadays the pigeon strain to be continued by Wal Zoontjens and his son Hans.

They are real all-round pigeons and they shine on all distances, especially on the One-day races, distances between 300 and 700 km. On these distances they are in their element and sometimes the control the races. In the meantime they are scattered broadcast all over the world. With a lot of success many pigeon fanciers did a crossing with the Zoontjens pigeons and became champion within a few years. Also many regional, provincial and even national winnings can be ascribed to this pigeon strain.
Also in the pigeon-racing world in Asia, the Zoontjens strain is well known and here they also fly on the top of the long distance races.
On the home front in Riel the pigeons still fly in an exceptional champion style and win many championships.

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